3 months, Palace launched the 2017 spring and summer season third wave single product. The design of this brand new London issued by Instagram "Tri-Ferg" logo retro blessing before the blue and red and yellow collocation of white T-shirt presented together. looks like the brand is about to bring a bunch of retro inspired designs for the warm season in 90s. APP download [get], WeChat public number: [get movement tide], scan code with you into the forefront of Sneaker, fashion, more free shoes, true and false identification serv Retro jordans for sale ices, you experience! loves the street wearing boys, must like to wear street dress of the girl have a good impression, today to introduce you to a girl named FeiFei, she may play on the streets than you 6! how old are you? I'm 20, but I'll be 21 right now. where are you from and where do you live now? I'm Chinese and I'm from Beijing, but I live in London now. what's your occupation? I'm still a college student. when did you start collecting street clothes? it's been a long time. I don't remember. It's probably 2010. cheap foamposites so what's your favorite brand right now? I love a lot of brands, mainly to see the product, I think each brand has some good products, but overall still love Palace, Gosha, Raf, Simons and Supreme is probably a lot, I love the most. how do you define your style? it's hard to define. I like to wear something that I think is cool. That doesn't mean I wear only the latest trends. In fact, I have a lot of clothes with unknown brands. If I don't like a single item, I won't wear it, even the most popular or expensive one at the momen Retro jordans for sale t. how much do you spend on clothing every month? it's hard to figure it out. At least 1W a month. what's the most expensive clothes you've ever bought? I can't remember it. It was probably the 2010 Supreme and TNF's leopard print down jacket. It cost me 1400. how can you afford the things you bought? the money my parents gave me, and I think I know how to manage my money, I don't rush to sell my clothes, but if I find Grails has something I've been looking for for a long time, I'll sell my tired new things. which one do y Cheap air jordan 12 taxi for sale online free shipping ou value more in clothes quality and quantity? this question is a bit difficult, I think the quality is more important than quantity, in the clothing, I don't care how much I love money, I really want to buy rather than buy a bunch of I do not wear clothes. you will get a lot of private messages in Instagram?? How do you respond to Hater and eccentrics? seldom, indeed, I am not a very confident person, so at first I will be particularly concerned about those comments, of course, some people say some very harsh words, I will sha cheap jordans online re it with my friends, a lot of strange people will contact me, he wanted only I have read it. but now I'm starting to ignore the Hater, and I think they're just jealous of me. When I put on their coveted single product, they say "ugly eight" and so on. I would never say, if I don't really know this person, I tooBlack patent leather upper dress embellished with silver Air Jordan Low 6 "Chrome" this year will be engraved on sale in return, last 2002, after a lapse of 13 years again, will officially debut in August 29th.Taiw cheap jordans for sale mens an famous tide shop INVINCIBLE with the extraordinary influence has brought many brands and many heavy group came together again this season INVINCIBLE New Balance released a joint 996 shoes. In 2013 INVINCIBLE and New Balance to brogue produced the first double joint limited details, the friend, once again took the exclusive brogue elements, interpretation of the classic 996 shoes in the well-known sports Kentucky Derby inspiration. Classic, light grey, blue green suede upper, with white outsole for clarity, classic brogue de Cheap air jordans for sale tail highlights the distinguished status of INVINCIBLE, x, New, Balance. It is reported that this joint shoes will also be landing on May 23rd, designated stores worldwide began to sell, interested friends must not miss. Gold outfit debut AJ11 Low, this must be the Olympic closing ceremony on the most dazzling shoes! on Saturday, August 20th, Air Jordan 5 Metallic Gold, a gold outfit debut, is on the market. 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Price of 170 dollars, number 528895-103.& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; This season, Klose scored 24 goals in the Bundesliga, becoming the top scorer, he was wearing Nike shoes, the World Cup opener, he scored two goals brave, give yourself The 28-year-old presented a birthday gift, when he wore Adidas, although the two cheap jordan shoes for men shoes gave him good luck, but little change between sneakers forced Clos face huge economic losses, which One can even amount of up to 2 million euros. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Unfortunately edge Klose from the German team's shoes sponsor is Adidas, but his personal shoe sponsor is Nike, historically, Adidas has been the German team's sponsor, During the World Cup, they always require players to wear their own production of shoes, forbidden to wear shoes and personal sponsors, but the German team is the only one of the team designated by the Football Association with a shoe. To this end, the German Football Association also specifically to Clos injunction, so he had to wear Adidas. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Klose's agent Schutte said helplessly: "Klose can not wear Nike shoes in the World Cup, because the national team is not allowed to do so, it is our problem, so he can not not endure huge losses. "According to the sponsorship contract, Nike Clos two million euros to pay, if he won the World Cup Golden Boot to wear Nike shoes, then Klose's income may even reach 4 million euros, but now can only see Klose of this sum boondoggle, compared with Adidas stingy lot, they only participated in the World Cup to Germany players were each paid 50,000 euros. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; The German team manager Bierhoff also expressed understanding for Klose, "I can understand players want to wear their own shoes mood of the game, but we can not violate with Adidas contract signed. "But this situation may have changed after the World Cup, the German team since the Adidas sneakers and sponsorship contracts about to expire, after the World Cup, the two sides will renew negotiations, then, the German team might be able to win more players more rights. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; In addition to economic losses, the replacement shoes, Klose also was not suited to the new shoes Adidas provided, so that he felt pain in training, for the training period, Adidas Emergency dispatch a team of resident experts to Germany, Klose tailored for the new shoes, this has Klose scored twice in the opening game of the outstanding performance.